If you don’t like what’s on TV create your own show: Accessible Media for the Masses!

In December 2010 I conducted an interview with Colin Cram on the new PI Inquisitive Eye TV Channel regarding the monumental announcement that the UK Government was moving away from engaging large IT suppliers, choosing instead to pursue direct relationships with small to medium-sized vendors.

Besides the main event interview with Cram, there are corresponding video clips of Sir Philip Green, as well as short features on the successful government procurement programs in Scotland and Virginia.

While the subject matter was interesting, especially for those dealing with the public sector, it was the show’s format including the utilization of split screens that added an interesting and I thing engaging element to the broadcast.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

While the set for the PI Inquisitive Eye, which is part of The PI Social Media Network’s new multi-media Broadcast Center will add the needed polish to the eventual finished product, the fact that we could quickly and with relative ease create the program including commercials speaks to the true power of the tools available to connect with an audience over the virtual airwaves.

What is great about this whole new format, is that we can have up to six guest screens on the air simultaneously!  This means that future interviews will feature multiple guests in real time, as well as enable us to use one of the screens for PowerPoint presentations or other related support material.

For those who are interested in reaching an audience, this capability provides you with a tremendous opportunity to create and distribute quality content in a unique and engaging fashion, whether as part of the subject matter being discussed or as a sponsor.

From the perspective of those looking to create a viable social media revenue model, it is hard to top both the power and diversity of imagery available through Internet television, especially when combined with a well rounded social media strategy that includes Internet radio, blogs and social network groups and forums.

The fact that you can broadcast live, as well as record the program for perpetual playback on what is referred to as an on-demand basis is an incredible feature.  Remind me to share the story with you one day about a show I did over the Blog Talk Radio Network in which the on-demand program was downloaded more than 4,200 times in the 48 hour period immediately following the live broadcast.  Hmmm . . . maybe I just did!

I do however want to emphasize the importance of delivering well researched quality content that is both informative and entertaining.  In short, the media sizzle will eventually fizzle paving the way for an increasingly scrutinizing audience to judge your program on its substantive value – re is it worth their time to tune in.

That being said, we truly are in the thick of the emergence of the citizen journalist movement, and should fully appreciate and enjoy the experience, as well as make the most of this media for the masses opportunity, because paradigm shifts of this nature do not come along very often.


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