The Two New Books in 2011 That Will Forever Change Public Sector Procurement!

On the PI Window on Business’ second show back in April 2009 I welcomed along with McEvoy Galbraeth and Anne Phillips, Stephen Bauld who at the time was Vice President for the Ontario General Contractors Association and author of the books “Leadership Or The Lack Thereof” and “The Municipal Procurement Handbook (two editions).” For those … Continue reading

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Is Hypergamy and Hypogamy the Misunderstood X Factors of Parental Alienation Claims?

“The females romantic conation is more adaptive and directive than that of the male,” Kephart concludes. “Apparently, she is able to exercise a greater measure of control over her romantic inclinations, adapting them to the exigencies of marital selection.” (1967:472.) Such an orientation seems to be in line with the tendency to marry up.” The … Continue reading

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