Looking past 2010, there are some amazing medical breakthroughs on the near horizon in 2011

Ending our 2010 Season on the PI Window with health care expert and author Jeff Knott was to say the least both interesting and thought-provoking.  (Note: Here is the link to the “The Picture of Health in 2010” segment which originally aired on December 30th.)

Taking a reflective stroll through the many topics we covered during the past year which included episodes on the impact that new legislation will have on the Natural Health Products industry, the legal challenges faced by numerous pharmaceutical companies involving the illegal promotion of off-label drugs and the over-prescribing of anti-depressants to minors, as well as the ever-present problem of hospital acquired infections, we hopefully were as informative as we were controversial.

Looking ahead to 2011, we turned our attention to The Cleveland Clinic’s prediction as to what will be the major medical breakthroughs over the next 12 months.  The Cleveland Clinic, which is located in Cleveland, Ohio (no surprise there), was established in 1921 and is today considered to be one of the top 4 hospitals in the United States.

While I will suggest that you tune in to the On-Demand version of last evening’s broadcast for a detailed review of what each one of these breakthroughs involves and what they mean in terms of having a tangible impact on our daily lives, here is the list courtesy of the Cleveland Clinic:

      • AV-45 Treatment for Alzheimer’s (New Molecular Imaging Biomarker for Early Detection, Prevention, and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease)
      • Capsule Endoscopy for Diagnosis of Pediatric GI (Gastro-Intestinal) Disorders
      • Oral Disease Modifying Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis
      • Exhaled Nitric Oxide (NO) Breath Analysis for Monitoring Asthma
      • Endoscopic Weight-Loss Procedure: Transoral Gastroplasty (TOGA)
      • Telehealth Monitoring for Individuals with Heart Failure/Implanted Wireless Cardiac Device for Monitoring HeartFailure
      • Hepatitis C Protese Inhibiting Drugs
      • JUPITER Study: Statins for Healthy Individuals
      • First Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine Approved by the FDA
      • Anti-CTLA-4 Drug (ipilimumab) Targeted T-Cell Antibody for Metastatic Melonoma

While some of the above referenced breakthroughs could be referred to as vanity treatments such as the Endoscopic Weight-Loss Procedure, putting the fork down and going for a walk would be an equally effective alternative, others such as the Telehealth Monitoring, Capsule Endoscopy and the AV-45 Treatment for Alzheimer’s are truly exciting developments from what at times has been a much maligned industry.

All this being said Jeff and I will over the coming months examine each of these breakthroughs in even greater detail including where they are in terms of actual effectiveness.

It should be another great season on the PI Window so be sure to stay tuned and tune in.

Jeff Knott

About Jeff:

Jeff Knott was born in England and graduated from Luffboro University with a BSC degree. After immigrating to the United States, he received a Masters Degree at Western Kentucky University and an Executive MBA at the University of South Florida. He participated in the Harvard Business School’s Multinational Marketing Senior Executive Program in Vevey, Switzerland.

Jeff has a unique understanding of healthcare, from his global healthcare business experiences to his own personal health challenges. He authored the best selling book “Navigating the Healthcare Maze” now on 4 Continents, and is a healthcare policy analyst for FoxNews Radio and FoxBizNews contributor. He also created the highly successful healthcare literacy series cartoon “Alfie’ featured weekly on YouTube:superjknott as a result of listening to Americans across the country who need healthcare guidance, explained in straightforward English, to survive the healthcare maze. Unpreparedness is not an option in Jeff’s vocabulary, as healthcare becomes more and more complex. With over 133 million Americans today with chronic diseases, medical facilities are full.

When you need a healthcare provider, do you feel unprepared, scared and out of control? Whom do we trust to support us during this challenging time? HAI can provide the personal support and information to successfully navigate the healthcare maze. We prepare you to be able to make better informed decisions regarding your healthcare.

Jeff’s Book:


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