Looking past 2010, there are some amazing medical breakthroughs on the near horizon in 2011

Ending our 2010 Season on the PI Window with health care expert and author Jeff Knott was to say the least both interesting and thought-provoking.  (Note: Here is the link to the “The Picture of Health in 2010” segment which originally aired on December 30th.) Taking a reflective stroll through the many topics we covered … Continue reading

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Don’t Say A Word: By Their Silence Are Psychiatrists, Police and the Newspapers Responsible for Helping to Create the Suicide Chat Rooms Frequented by Predators like Melchert-Dinkel?

Psychiatrists, police and editors cite the contagion effect as the principal reason to not report suicides. The theory is that extensive coverage of one suicide triggers other suicides, spreading like a virus. After Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther, a novel about a man who shoots himself over a doomed love affair, came out in … Continue reading

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