With Cries of Storm the Bastille, Some Are Content to Live Off of the Very Working Class They Profess to Support

Okay, maybe I do need more bran in my diet.  Perhaps I should even start wearing pants in which the waist sits north of my navel and complain about taxes and the weather.  I am more than willing to concede this and even more as a explanation for my occasional grumpiness but . . .  … Continue reading

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Couples & Money Month Question of the Week: Spousal Hot Water

December is Couples & Money Month in which Dr. Jackie Black’s new book “Couples & Money: Cracking the code to ending the #1 conflict in marriage” will be featured throughout the entire month on the PI Window on Business. As part of our coverage, we will be posing to Dr. Jackie a question each week … Continue reading

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Is Parental Alienation Real? Just Ask Alec Baldwin

In 2009 I was approached by a divorce lawyer to provide my thoughts on how a motion for custody based on a claim of parental alienation might be structured.  Bear in mind of course that I was not being sought out for my legal prowess as I am not a lawyer.  The reason for the … Continue reading

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