Looking past 2010, there are some amazing medical breakthroughs on the near horizon in 2011

Ending our 2010 Season on the PI Window with health care expert and author Jeff Knott was to say the least both interesting and thought-provoking.  (Note: Here is the link to the “The Picture of Health in 2010” segment which originally aired on December 30th.) Taking a reflective stroll through the many topics we covered … Continue reading

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Don’t Say A Word: By Their Silence Are Psychiatrists, Police and the Newspapers Responsible for Helping to Create the Suicide Chat Rooms Frequented by Predators like Melchert-Dinkel?

Psychiatrists, police and editors cite the contagion effect as the principal reason to not report suicides. The theory is that extensive coverage of one suicide triggers other suicides, spreading like a virus. After Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther, a novel about a man who shoots himself over a doomed love affair, came out in … Continue reading

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Are you the next “Cinch Idol?”

It is finally a reality!  An American Idol for everyone who is 35 years or older! That’s Right!  Forget about the Justin Beibers and Lady Ga(GAG)s, and make room for the erstwhile Tony Bennetts and Lena Hornes who will be moving their acts from the cozy confines of the shower to center stage on . … Continue reading

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To all our listeners THANK YOU for making 2010 Memorable . . . Merry Christmas and All The Best for 2011!

Note: Use the following link to read about the history of this animation of Santa and his Reindeer singing White Christmas! 30

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Despite warnings that I am poking a hornet’s nest by fostering further discussion regarding yesterday’s show on custody battles . . . why should a warning stop me now?

Yesterday evening I was joined by criminal profiler Pat Brown and The Cop Doc himself Richard Weinblatt to talk about the challenges the courts face in adjudicating custody battles.  You can tune in to the entire broadcast on-demand through the following link; The Tender Years Doctrine: A Free Pass For Unfit Mothers To Manipulate The … Continue reading

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“Did Advise and Encourage” Suicide (by Law Professor Susan Brenner)

On Wednesday’s PI Window segment (Cybercrime, Insanity Pleas and the Right to Die: A Guest Panel Discussion), we welcomed to the show NCR Distinguished Professor of Law and Technology Susan Brenner and, TV’s Cop Doc Dr. Richard Weinblatt to discuss the fast approaching William Melchert-Dinkel trial in which The Serial Suicide Killer is facing conviction … Continue reading

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Memories of the dot com boom . . . before the bust


We recently began sorting through the accumulated memories of a wide and varied collection of pictures, clothes and other such items upon which the ideal garage sale is built.  In short, trying to determine what of our junk would be considered a treasure to someone else.  Interestingly enough, many of the items that we now … Continue reading

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Virginia’s Secretary of Administration provides a clear lens through which to view the breadth and diversity of her critical role in the Governor’s Cabinet

It is not often that you get the opportunity to talk with a true buck stops here person but, in the case of Virginia’s relatively new Secretary of Administration, not only were we able to talk with Lisa Hicks-Thomas, we were also able to gain interesting insights regarding her thoughts on a range of topics … Continue reading

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Why does Dame Edna’s picture appear in an article about Madoff’s Austrian banking connection?

I was shocked to see a picture of Dame Edna in an article about Bernard L. Madoff’s accomplice who played a key role in the $19.6 Billion Ponzi scheme.  I mean this is the first I have heard of the glorious British Dame and famous socialite/talk show host being involved. To begin, what evidence do … Continue reading

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Is your spouse financially unfaithful?

Some marriages never recover from that breach of trust, says Brandt, the lawyer. That’s when they come to see her. “I get people at the end of the marriage when it’s too late,” says Brandt. “You have to start talking about these things before you even get into a marriage.” from Financial Infidelity – The … Continue reading

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