A Siskel and Ebert-Type Review of the New SAP Services Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio

SAP experts, Mike Myers (@M_Myers) & Tom DiAntonio, provide insight into top concerns from new SAP customers including support during a software project or implementation, connection between technology partners and SAP, and support from Day 1 with SAP. Join the conversation at http://www.sdn.sap.com keyword: software support and maintenance and follow us on twitter: @SAPServices Well, … Continue reading

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Is bipolar disorder becoming like First Amendment claims . . . an excuse for bad parenting and questionable adult behavior in the future?

I told Neil that I felt like the mood stablizers were making everything worse.  They made me feel devoid of feeling.  There were times when Neil and I would fight—I would say the most terrible things running through my mind.  It was like I was numb to realizing how brutal they were.  Like my whole … Continue reading

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