Write The Perfect Caption Contest Winner Announced!

Well there was certainly no shortage of funny, whimsical and  entertaining submissions in our Write The Perfect Caption contest, in which I asked our audience to put words to a picture of our son’s interesting adventures in potty training.

After reading and re-reading and . . . well you get the drift, we have finally selected a winner (drum roll please!):

“Pierce made his mistakes early on in life”

Robert, whose submission “Pierce made his mistakes early on in life” captured the moment perfectly in the hear and now, while providing a great intro-line when we share this at Pierce’s wedding or whatever moment creates an ideal opportunity to share the childhood foibles we have all experienced in one way or another.

Thank you and congratulations Robert.  Your Entertainment Book Bundle will be shipped to you later this week!

In the meantime, here are the runner-ups for your enjoyment:

Julia Harwood – Whoops, wrong end!

Nicole – Rough neighborhood.  I thought bullies usually waited until high school to start giving swirlies.

iregretjumping – That was the exact same reaction I had when I first had to wear a necktie to work.

elizabeth – Does this make my head look fat?

Bob Garrett – That other baby that does those Etrade commercials said the economy was “going down the tubes” and now I know what he means!

Jeff Benedict – Is this what you call potty mouth?

To everyone who submitted responses, thank you!  Be sure to watch out for our next contest in the very near future!

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