We okay as long as we got music we can dance all day? While Penn works in the trenches, Jean monetizes Haiti’s plight with trivalized pop tune!

If I was President, the first thing that I would do is get my people out of them tents.

Lyric’s from Wyclef Jean’s song Election Time

You sometimes believe that after so many years on this planet you have pretty well seen it all . . . and then it hits you from right out of left field.

With the UN appealing for nearly $164 million of aid to help the beleaguered country of Haiti to deal with its most recent national trauma, a  cholera outbreak that as so far infected 11,125 people and killing 724, the erstwhile candidate for President of the country Wyclef Jean comes out with a song titled “Election Time” where the opening lyrics blissfully proclaim “we okay as long as we got music we can dance all day.”

Maybe I am being a killjoy and missing some hidden message of supposed resilience in the Jean song, but with projections that as many as 200,000 people are likely to contract this “acute intestinal infection” which is characterized by severe diarrhea and cramps caused by ingestion of water or food contaminated with the bacterium Vibrio comm, I do not think that dancing will be one of the activities that tops the people’s list.  I am thinking that survival is going to likely be the focus.

Between abject poverty, political unrest, delayed aid and the continuing effects of the earthquake that hit the country in January of this year, Jean’s somewhat whimsical anthem makes him appear to be more of a surrealistic muppet caricature from a Sesame Street set, rather than a  roving ambassador.

Think about this for a minute, while people in his native Haiti are struggling to survive, Jean is sending out a series of e-mails under the headings “Pre-Order If I Was President – My Haitian Experience,” which provides links to purchase his latest CD that talks about how the singer-songwriter/producer is putting his recent political struggles to music and calls for a generational revolution.  He of course doesn’t fail to include the plug “with the video for the first track off his upcoming six-song EP ‘If I Were President: My Haitian Experience,’ which will be available digitally on December 7. Pre-order ‘If I Were President: My Haitian.”

Is it just me, perhaps being a little crabby due to a recent allergic reaction which has restricted my movements to my bedroom since last week?  I mean “we okay as long as we got music we can dance all day?”  Is this anything more than self-serving, hyperbolic rhetoric?

Just watch this music video for the song and listen to the words . . . then have a look at Sean Penn the true gravity of the real Haiti experience about which Jean claims to be advocating.  Who’s actions are more likely to get the Haitian people out of their tents?

Election Time by Wyclef Jean

and . . .

Sean Penn! Cholera Outbreak Is Bad


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