As Wholesome as Mom and Apple Pie . . . Make That Cake!

Working on stories such as the pending trial of the Serial Suicide Killer, drug company wrongdoing and bullying in our schools, I always consider it a great find when I come across a story that demonstrates the better angels within all of us.  One such angel is Wireacake or, to be more specific, Wireacake’s founder Debora George.

Debora George, a hard working mother of three, started her own telecake business in 1987, which was when the Internet was little more than a bulletin board of untamed limitless potential . . . does anyone remember Compuserve?

Today, Debora now sends cakes to soldiers overseas from her hometown of Huntington Beach, CA, which to the brave men and women who serve our country must be like those cherished packages we eagerly waited to receive from home during our childhood days at summer camp.  Kind of like a warm hug that says we are thinking about you and are counting the days until you are back home with us.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, I am sure that one of Debora’s delectable cakes would lift the holiday spirit of a friend or loved one serving overseas.


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