A Canadian’s View of American Politics

These past two months I have had the privilege of traveling to foreign destinations both physically as well as virtually.  Beside giving keynote addresses in London and Sweden, I was also invited to participate in a Roundtable discussion regarding the release of Sir Philip Green’s Review of the UK Government’s purchasing policies and practices.

As you all well know, I have never been shy to either lead or participate in a lively discussion where consensus is rarely the objective, and interesting if not controversial dialogue is the order of the day.  So when Jim Bouchard invited me to be on his “Think Like A Black Belt” show on Blog Talk Radio to provide a Canadian’s view of yesterday’s U.S. elections I jumped on it.

What Does June Callwood Know!

I have been a big fan of Jim’s since we first met via the PI Window on Business as a guest in June 2009 to talk about his first book.  Since then, Jim has scaled the heights of literary success with his latest book (appropriately titled “Think Like A Black Belt”), which was almost instantly an Amazon.com bestseller.  (Note: November is actually Think Like a Black Belt month on the PI Window, so be sure to visit Jim’s page in this blog.)

Anyway, returning my attention back to being a guest on Jim’s show, I was also delighted to discover that the Marketing Doctor himself, Dr. John Tantillo was going to join in on the fun.  You have to check out Dr. John’s newest book “People Buy Brands Not Companies.”

Dr. John Tantillo

In short, throw in a take no prisoners “Black Belt Mindset” Sensei with a studiously energized branding expert, and a Canadian who still thinks that 1976s All The President’s Men was one of the all-time great movies, anchored by the melodiously calming voice of reason (I am talking about Jim’s co-host Alex here), and you have a great 60 minute adventure that rivals any of my kids’ favorite Cat in the Hat cartoon episodes.  Move over Jon Stewart and make way Mr. Colbert!

But don’t take my word for, tune in to the on-demand broadcast through the following link and decide for yourself if this wasn’t one of the most enjoyable 60 minutes you have spent in a long time!  Here’s the link; Think Like A Black Belt Election Day Special Edition.

I can hardly wait till Jim hosts an “on location” Town Hall Meeting Special with a live audience!  Count me in Jim and Alex.

2 Responses to “A Canadian’s View of American Politics”
  1. If I can add my two cents in, American Politics is just as nutty as our own Canadian circus. People don’t vote for someone, rather they vote against. As in both countries, the average voter does not have a clue as to what is going on and all they are interested in is a quick fix. There is also a tendency to label everyone and everything, eg. he is a liberal, conservative, socialist (this is some quarters seems to be a dirty word), too far left, too far right, etc etc.
    I also find that most people know more about baseball, hockey and football than they do about history. No wonder we vote in a bunch of morons. You get what you deserve.

    • Wiser words such as yours are rarely spoken Norman . . . thank you for sharing.

      Particularly true was the reference to sports teams. I wonder if Wayne Gretzky would run for Prime Minister;)

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