Is Suicide Really Painless on the Internet . . .


“But in the meantime I want to warn youngsters about the possible dangers these websites can pose. “I would also like to warn parents to be actively on the alert for signs of their children being influenced by others on these sites.” Coroner Phillip Walters, from January 2008 Mail Online Story “Coroner launches probe into … Continue reading

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The PI Social Media Network Makes This Year’s Social Media Bible

The Social Media Bible, Second Edition ( is the most comprehensive resource that transforms the way corporate, small business, and non-profit companies use social media to reach their desired audiences with power messages and efficiency. In this Second Edition, each of the three parts – Tactics, Tools, and Strategies – have been updated to reflect … Continue reading

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A “Shattered Family” – Melchert-Dinkel’s Forgotten Victims?

Thank you for putting into words what I believe to be so true. He lives in the town I live in and it is a disgrace. My children went to school with his kids and they are paying for it. I hope the best for the kids. He needs to be in prison. He is … Continue reading

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Winget Comment Reminds Me of Just How Soft We Have Become

“Funny how a generation of outspoken, squirm-in-their-chair, boisterous, mischievous kids turned out to be the most productive generation in the history of our world and all without the use of psychotropic drugs but instead, involved parents.” Larry Winget comment on Nov. 23rd PI Window on Business Post “Is bipolar disorder becoming like First Amendment claims … Continue reading

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A Siskel and Ebert-Type Review of the New SAP Services Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio

SAP experts, Mike Myers (@M_Myers) & Tom DiAntonio, provide insight into top concerns from new SAP customers including support during a software project or implementation, connection between technology partners and SAP, and support from Day 1 with SAP. Join the conversation at keyword: software support and maintenance and follow us on twitter: @SAPServices Well, … Continue reading

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Is bipolar disorder becoming like First Amendment claims . . . an excuse for bad parenting and questionable adult behavior in the future?

I told Neil that I felt like the mood stablizers were making everything worse.  They made me feel devoid of feeling.  There were times when Neil and I would fight—I would say the most terrible things running through my mind.  It was like I was numb to realizing how brutal they were.  Like my whole … Continue reading

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Write The Perfect Caption Contest Winner Announced!

Well there was certainly no shortage of funny, whimsical and  entertaining submissions in our Write The Perfect Caption contest, in which I asked our audience to put words to a picture of our son’s interesting adventures in potty training. After reading and re-reading and . . . well you get the drift, we have finally … Continue reading

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Is an insanity plea the only remaining option in Serial Suicide Killer’s efforts to avoid prison?

Internet Threaths

“However, and here is where there is considerable gray area, the law according to Wehrwein “doesn’t specifically address situations involving communication via the Internet.”  This as it turns out is the basis upon which some legal experts (including Melchert-Dinkel’s lawyer Terry Watkins) have suggested that freedom of speech issues could play a role in the … Continue reading

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We okay as long as we got music we can dance all day? While Penn works in the trenches, Jean monetizes Haiti’s plight with trivalized pop tune!

If I was President, the first thing that I would do is get my people out of them tents. Lyric’s from Wyclef Jean’s song Election Time You sometimes believe that after so many years on this planet you have pretty well seen it all . . . and then it hits you from right out … Continue reading

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Requiem for a Fallen President

It is somewhat surreal to have your legs wrapped in Saran wrap as a means of treatment for what was a severe allergic reaction that sprung up seemingly out of nowhere last week.  My daughter had a friend for a sleepover and when they saw the clinging plastic they both giggled as girls do and … Continue reading

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