Trial of the Serial Suicide Killer not a question of freedom of speech or a person’s right to die, it is a question of intent!

As I was pondering the pending trial of Serial Suicide Killer William Melchert-Dinkel, I could not help but wonder what my opening remarks would be if I was the prosecuting attorney. While the issue of the First Amendment relating to freedom of speech and a person’s inalienable right to die that is being presented as … Continue reading

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A PI Window Weekly Exclusive: A Grieving Mother’s Quest to Find Justice for Her Daughter

In and of itself, the story of Nadia Kajouji is at once heart rending and tragic.  A lovely (and loving) 18 year old university student who through circumstances that are not important entered the dark world of suicide chat rooms and fell prey to a predator which I have come to call The Serial Suicide … Continue reading

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