50s and 60s Television: What Were We Thinking?

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A funny thing time . . . what was once accepted as being a normal part of everyday life is today viewed as being out of step, misinformed and yes, even offensive.

While those of us who remember the early days of television, when our window on the world expanded for the first time beyond our own neighborhood into a much bigger world, we thought nothing of these commercials when they first aired.  Of course back then, even waking up to the test pattern (which featuring and Indian Chief’s headband itself would rile our sensibilities today), and the concept of a picture being transmitted over the invisible airwaves made pretty much anything and everything worth watching.

To those of the younger “more informed” generations that followed, we would merely ask without apologizing for our naive viewing habits, that you consider these factors as you view early television through the eyes of your (and I hate to admit this) grandparents.

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