Is the Democrats Go Negative Strategy a Case of the Mirror Cracked?

According to the New York Times, “many Democrats are deploying the fruits of a yearlong investigation into the business and personal histories of Republican candidates in an effort to plant doubts about them and avoid having races become a national referendum on the performance of President Obama and his party.”

Here is an example of what the current Democratic “attack advertising” strategy might look like relative to a past candidate . . .

  • His family’s business interests have been linked to criminal activity with mob ties
  • His family made use of “inside information” through holding key positions with the SEC to make millions on the stock market
  • His family’s stock trading activities were cited as being one of the main reasons for the recent economic crisis
  • He is a known philanderer who has had several extra-marital affairs
  • He is addicted to painkillers and is generally speaking, in poor health

Would you vote for a man like this . . .

Out flew the web and floated wide–
The mirror crack’d from side to side;
“The curse is come upon me”, cried
The Lady of Shalott.


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