Social Media (The Power of Conversational Marketing)

In Social Media, are you part of the conversation or are you just broadcasting?

The following Presentation, which is being delivered for the first time in Stockholm, Sweden in early October will highlight the differences between the two and what it means to your business.

The session will also delve into the tremendous reach of a collective social network that includes blogs, Internet Radio, Internet TV and social networks, and how with a limited budget and resource time you can create a branded presence on the same level as any Fortune 500 company.

Social Media is indeed leveling the playing field!

NOTE: The live broadcast airs at 3:30 AM North American Eastern Time, but will be recorded and made available on an on-demand basis shortly following the conclusion of the live broadcast.

Use the following link to access both the LIVE and On-Demand broadcast “Social Media (The Power of Conversational Marketing)

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