My Boss Is A Jerk!

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As I completed writing yesterday’s post “Were Undercover Boss Larry O’Donnell and President’s Choice Nichol and Currie Too Famous and Successful for their Bosses?” I could not help but wonder . . . how many bosses out there are egotistical jerks?

While the question of what company employees thought of my leadership skills crossed my mind only occasionally – after all being the boss isn’t a popularity contest, as the former president of a publicly traded company there were nonetheless those fleeting moments of reflection.

Alas, if only there were a poll back then, where one and all could share their true feelings under the protective umbrella of anonymity.  Perhaps I would have discovered that behind those vacuous smiles and morning platitudes was an undercurrent of resentment and planning on how to dispose of the body!

Well I am glad to say that such a Poll is now available!

Using the corresponding videos as a reference point, tell us if YOUR boss is a JERK.


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