Melchert-Dinkel’s Reference to “Legal Murder” Hints at the Existence of a Predator Network

In what I can only describe as an ominously foreboding awakening of dread, I received the following excerpt from a November 2006 William Melchert-Dinkel e-mail detailing his specific reference to what he termed as “legal murder.” In referencing “people” who encourage depressed individuals to commit suicide, the Serial Suicide Killer wrote that “it is their … Continue reading

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The Constitution is not a Suicide Pact: The questions and perhaps answers regarding The Serial Suicide Killer’s First Amendment Rights can be found in a statement by Abraham Lincoln

Life is often times filled with many ironies accentuated by the intersecting of seemingly unrelated events and elements that transcends both time and perhaps – at least on the surface, logic. Let’s consider the case of William Melchert-Dinkel, who faces trial for coaxing two individuals over the Internet to commit suicide and, by his own … Continue reading

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