Governor Jan Brewer Is Right About The Beheadings, And I Can Prove IT!

Come on people . . .  let’s give  Guv’ner Jan a break!

Sure she had a mild, shall we say Ischemic incident during last evening’s debate (see video below).  But to use that as a basis to call into question her claims that there are, and I quote “bodies in the desert either buried or just lying out there that have been beheaded,” is just plain wrong and darn not polite.

Along with area 51, the innumerable Elvis Sightings (in Ottawa he is a regular at the Newport Restaurant), and now in the case of Governor Brewer’s claim’s of be-headings, comes Episode 19 from Season 5 of the hit television series Criminal Minds, we have the irrefutable proof that the media has been demanding since she first made her remarks during a July 1st, 2010 interview on Fox News.

(NOTE: the proof part starts at the 2:22 point of the clip)

What more can we ask!

Of course in a recent interview I had with world renowned profiler and author Pat Brown, she did kind of indicate that while entertaining, the show Criminal Minds doesn’t exactly paint an accurate picture about profiling and all that it entails.

Come to think of it, I have eaten at the Newport Restaurant on a number of occasions and I have never seen Elvis.

Okay, Okay but . . . I will state with confidence that during a segment of King of the Hill (Season 6, Episode 14 – Of Mice and Little Green Men), Hank and Dale did encounter aliens in the Area 51 desert, so maybe there is still some faint hope there . . .

Dale Gribble would stand by Governor Brewer!

Hmmmm . . . come to think of it, if I were Jan Brewer I would claim an Ischemic incident.

PI Inquisitive Eye Internet TV Commentary:

Governor Jan Is Right: Here’s Proof!


One Response to “Governor Jan Brewer Is Right About The Beheadings, And I Can Prove IT!”
  1. As a former Arizona resident, I can state that Jan Brewer is a total nut case and really belongs in a home for the mentally challenged. The fact that she was elected says more about the average intelligence in Arizona than I suspect most of the residents would like revealed.

    But, to quote H.L. Mencken, “No one ever last an election underestimating the intelligence of the American voter.” Henry Lewis was right then and he is probably laughing in his grave today.

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