With a Brush of Love: Children With Autism and Special Needs

For those of you who follow television (which is almost everybody), and in particular the recent Emmy Awards this past Sunday, you know doubt heard the same name “over and over again” as one pundit covering the event put it.

The name to which I am referring is Temple Grandin, an HBO biopic movie which garnered 15 nominations, winning 7 including the coveted “Outstanding Made for Television Movie.”

That alone should of course warrant recognition far and wide, but in this instance the story is still bigger than the movie as it recounts the life of Dr. Temple Grandin, a Doctor of Animal Science and professor at Colorado State University, and bestselling author,who also happens to be a person with high-functioning autism.

Dr. Temple Grandin

At the risk of dating myself, this recent movie is not my first encounter with a film dealing with the subject of autism.  For that, you have to go back 31 years to a 1979 film titled “Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love.”

An incredible, true life account of a boy, Raun Kaufman, who was diagnosed with severe autism and profound mental retardation (below 30 IQ).  He had 12 out of 13 symptoms of autism.

Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love (Video Excerpt)

What is amazing is that Raun’s parents, Bears and Suzi Kaufman, invested a level of love and sacrifice that to this day still moves me as it did the first time.

As retold in the movie, Suzi Kaufman worked with Raun for a total of 70 to 80 hours a week and Bears Kaufman sold his advertising agency to have more time to work with Raun.

The end result, at six years old Raun was known as “a happy, active, bright, and loving normal boy.

Today, Raun is a teacher and writer who serves as CEO for the early Intervention therapy program Son-Rise.

Joining me to talk about autism and how treatment has progressed since 1979 is author and the President and Founder of With a Brush of Love Lauren S. Henry.

Remember to use the following link to access both the Live and On-Demand broadcast “With a Brush of Love: Children With Autism and Special Needs” at 12:30 PM EST on Thursday, September 2nd.

Lauren S. Henry

About Lauren:

Lauren S. Henry, President
With A Brush of Love Inc.

Lauren Henry is an experienced children’s educator and veteran of the Montgomery County, MD and Fairfax County, VA school systems. She specializes in the educational and emotional needs of children aged pre-kindergarten through sixth grade, as well as those with special needs. Lauren graduated from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Communications with a degree in Musical Theatre/Drama and a minor in TV, Radio & Film Production.

In addition to Lauren’s interests in education and theatre, she also has a background in child psychology and creating original art. This background uniquely qualified her to create With a Brush of Love. Lauren researched the effects of color on emotion, and interviewed psychologists who specialize in the field of study. For Lauren, the opportunity to combine the unique fun of original designs with behavior management through color was an exciting idea. How powerful to support the emotional needs of a child in his or her own environment!

Brush of Love’s Medical and Educational Advisory Board

With A Brush of Love utilizes the knowledge and skills of the following experts on our Medical & Educational Advisory Board:

  • Dr. Monique Levermore, PhD, DABPS, FACFE (www.levermore.com)
  • Karen M. Henry, CCC-SLP
  • Helene Brower, Employee Performance Coordinator (Retired), Fairfax County, VA Public Schools
  • Mrs. Brower also has extensive experience as an elementary school teacher and Fairfax County Principal.
  • Jane Kurcsinka, L.C.S.W., M.S.W.
  • Keri Bowers, Filmmaker, “Normal People Scare Me”, “The Sandwich Kid” & “Arts”, Professional Speaker, Author & Advocate (www.normalfilms.com)
  • Christine Nicole Productions, Inc. (Visit her Web Site)
  • Lori J. Boehm, Special Education Consultant / Advocate (www.advocateforspecialneeds.com)
  • Emily Sylvester, OTR/L – Therapy In Action, Tarzana, CA (www.therapyinaction.com)
  • Michelle Mintz, M.S., C.C.C.-SLP (www.tot2talk.com)

Lauren’s Book:

Lauren S. Henry is pleased to announce the publication of her first book, Unique Kids. Unique Surroundings. It is available now through Lulu.com and is coming soon to Amazon.com.

The guidelines of this book apply to ALL children. Whether your child is “neuro-typical,” has autism or a special need, Unique Kids. Unique Surroundings can help you improve his or her quality of life with practical guidelines that require no formal training or artistic expertise.

With proper use of color and design, you can create a harmonious environment in which your child can grow and thrive.

Remember, when designing the ideal environment for your child, always start With a Brush of Love!

Click Here to buy online.


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