Healing Controversies: A Question of Patient Rights or Societal Mores?

According to a July 8th 2010 article by Aaron Saenz titled “With Mystery Solved, Promising Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease May Return,” research into the controversial yet promising fetal cell transplant treatment for Parkinson’s will once again resume in 2012. In the August 19th Associated Press article “N.S. premier supports clinical trial of controversial MS treatment,” … Continue reading

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Chef’s Table for Entrepreneurs: Real World Advice!

“Real-world advice and not half-baked ideas” As with every event whether in the real-world or the virtual realms of the Internet, there are often times snappy tag-lines or scintillating catch-phrases that are designed to get you to walk through the turnstiles and surrender what is one of the most important assets you have . . … Continue reading

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