Are Muslim extremists funding the Ground Zero Mosque?

In yesterday’s post titled “Pamela Geller’s rhetoric appears to reflect a deep rooted prejudicial anger versus a real desire to heal,” I had expressed the opinion that CNN’s John Roberts had let Pamela Geller off the hook by not addressing the elephant in the room regarding her comment/question “where’s the money coming from?”

Geller was of course talking about the source of the funding for the new ground zero Mosque as it has come to be known.

After expressing her disdain that the old Burlington Coat Factory site was “purchased at a distress price . . . by a guy who was a waiter a couple years ago,” Geller then inferred more than asked “where’s that money coming from?”

It was at that time that Roberts should asked if her “question” meant that she believes that extremists are the ones funding the Mosque’s construction.  He unfortunately didn’t, and an opportunity to truly understand the motives behind both Geller and those who share her sentiments was missed.

As a result, I am posing this question to you via the poll below.


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