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What are the secrets of building a successful revenue model using social media . . . tune in to this first in a series of videos in which I welcome Shel Israel to talk about monetizing Twitter and Blogs.

Shel Israel, Author & Social Media Guru

Shel’s Book:

A Critcally Acclaimed Book by Shel Israel

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Leveraging the Power of Internet Radio

According to industry experts, the PI Window on Business has been called “one of the most popular Podcast’s in North America.”

What we could not have anticipated was the level of audience response and its impact on the blog.  While the PI Window on Business is a Featured Show across the entire Blog Talk Radio Network (which has more than 12 million listeners each month), the blog has come a long way in just over a year.

When we launched the PI Window on Business blog in June 2009, we welcomed 217 visitors to the site.  By December 2009 we had hit the 6,144 visitor mark for the month and, at the end of this past July had a total of 16,447 visitors.  So far, and only at the halfway point for August, we are sitting at 20,619 visitors (and counting).

As a means of providing a point of reference relative to what these statistics mean, the PI Window on Business Blog according to Alexa went from being a new blog in June with no discernible ranking to a global ranking of 1,014,248 and a U.S. ranking of 627,904 at the end of February 2010.  According to current Alexa statistics, the blog now has a global ranking of 832,381, and a U.S. ranking of 269,039.  While Alexa only represents part of the growth in the readership picture as it doesn’t take into account the collective reach of the entire PI Social Media Network, these numbers nonetheless indicate a pretty exciting trend.

This book shares the experiences, insights and panoply of amazing (and in many instances FREE) social media tools that will help you to achieve the same results in a fraction of the time it took us to get where we are today!


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