Desperation and Fear in the Dating World

A 2007 study in Psychological Science by Paul Eastwick and colleagues provided an answer to something we have all been wondering: when someone is desperate, is it obvious?  The answer turned out to be yes.

In fact according to an October 18th, 2009 article by “The Blind Matchmaker” Andrew Galperin, results of the above referenced study show that one can easily detect desperation within minutes such as at a speed dating event.

Like cheap cologne or caked-on make-up, desperation can waft through the air like a heavy fog, obfuscating ones truly “magnificent personality.”

What was interesting in what I can only refer to as a buffet of interesting revelations, is that the take away lesson from the study is that liking people is bad.  At least at speed dating events, where the experts suggest that you don’t go around smiling at everyone – just be nice to a few people and treat everyone else like crap.  The end result is that you will get a bunch of follow-up dates in no time!

But is there more to this story?

On Tuesday, August 17th at 8:00 PM EST. we once again welcome back to the PI Window on Business our resident relationship expert and acclaimed author Dr. Jackie Black to examine the origins and impact of desperation and fear in the dating world.

Remember to use the following link to access both the Live and On-Demand broadcast “Desperation and Fear in the Dating World.”

Dr. Jackie Black

And for those of you who want to get started down the path of dating with confidence right now, here is a segment from the popular Mary Olson series “Dating Without Desperation.”


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