Haiti: The Aftershock For Change

In January 2010, a massive magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti in which the epicenter was about 15 km southwest of the capital, Port-au-Prince.

An estimated 2 million people live within the zone of heavy to moderate structural damage,and based on expert assessment this earthquake was classified as the worst in the region over the last 200 years.

Massive international assistance will be required to help the country recover.

We are all of course familiar with the natural disaster that struck this country of just over 9.2 million people, as well as the devastating effect it had and continues to have on this island republic.  While recognizing this historical flashpoint, there beneath the rubble remains the preexisting everyday issues that as a result of the quake may be more challenging to address but are nonetheless an important part of the country’s foundational fabric that will inevitably influence Haiti’s future.

For this reason, and in a country that has already experienced momentous transformations, the 2011 Presidential elections represents a seminal point in time and perhaps the greatest opportunity for continuing down the path of positive evolution and change.

To help us to understand what the key issues are and why, unlike any other time in history Haitians are truly on the verge of a new beginning, I am pleased to welcome to the PI Window on Business Presidential candidate Dr. Eddy Delaleu, D.D.

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Dr. Eddy Delaleu, D.D.

About Dr. Delaleu:

Dr. Eddy Delaleu, D.D. member of the Rotary Club International, is President, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Operation Hope for Children of Haiti (OHFCOH). As one of the officers, Dr. Delaleu served as a Project Director, General Director, newsletter editor and many other positions of the corporation since its inception in 1994. For over 16 years, he coordinated humanitarian assistance for thousands of needy children of Haiti. He communicated and published plans designed to garner favorable support from friends, family members and other organizations such The Light House Mission, Long Island Cares at one point, Kids Explore, Airline Ambassadors and Rotary International, etc.. He has collected and distributed over two million dollars of donated goods during the past few years. He delivered 6 to 8 presentations and briefings per year to a host of service providers, churches, and local authorities. These efforts directly correlated to contributions of over 30 forty-foot containers of used and new clothing and shoes in the year 2000 alone. He directed an average annual distribution of two forty-foot containers of desperately needed medical supplies, food, soccer equipment, uniforms and educational literature to hundreds of underprivileged youngsters. Recently, Operation Hope partnered with Samaritan International in a feeding program in Haiti for over 5,000 children a month. Through his efforts and those of his partners, he saved many children from bullet wounds, heart surgeries, and other medical emergencies and continues, as of today with a Mobile Clinic providing temporary medical assistance and medicine throughout Haiti.

His management, determination, tactical planning and his beliefs in accomplishing one’s goal, have helped the organization achieve its status today as one of the Non Governmental Organizations working in Haiti without any international or local support. All efforts have been his personal resources and those of a small group of friends and family members who believed in helping our fellow young Haitian brothers and sisters in need. Prior to founding OHFCOH, Dr. Delaleu served approximately six years in the US Armed Forces. As a Non Commissioned Officer at the Human Factor’s Branch at Fort Benning, he was responsible for conducting and assessing the impact of human interaction with combat support system, which were being developed for the infantry soldiers. He was deeply involved in the initial testing and evaluation of key military fighting vehicles, Extreme Cold Weather System and many different weapons selections for the Army. As an educator, he last served as the Coordinator of Student Affairs (COSA) at Paul Robenson High, one of the New York City schools. There, he acted as a liaison between communities and schools. In addition, he arranged multi-cultural and intergenerational community activities.

Dr. Delaleu is a self made man with a true heart for the poor and a natural love for people in general. His extensive background and general knowledge made him the vanguard leader of Operation Hope. For more than a decade, 17 years to be exact, he never ceased to weather all obstacles. He has never ceased to face the many challenges that prevented him to help so many more underprivileged children and families of Haiti.

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Dr. Delaleu’s mother, Alourdes, made reluctantly the ultimate sacrifice that any mother could have made realizing her inability to care for a child. He was given for adoption and as such, was given the opportunity for a better tomorrow living a normal childhood in a successful middle class family. He attended a Catholic middle school “Sacred Heart”, graduated from high school “Lycée Alexandre Pétion” , completing the Rhetoric and Philosophy requirements for graduation. He was one of the founding members of “Corps d’Honneur” which promoted self discipline and character amongst students throughout Port-au-Prince. In the US, he graduated from Columbus College in Georgia with a BA in Speech Language Pathology and a minor in Audiology. He graduated from Auburn University in Alabama with a Masters Degree in Foreign Language Studies. He is now an alumnus of both universities. He was later awarded an honorary Doctorate Divinity Degree and was granted the title of Reverend as an ordained minister.

Media Bites:

Excerpt from Suzanne Edward’s interview with Dr Eddy Delaleu, presidential candidate and founder of Operation Hope for the Children of Haiti.


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