Acclaimed author and healthcare expert RE Warm Buddy recall: What’s next, my Hershey candy bar with almonds?

The Warm Buddy story continues to gain momentum as individuals from both the natural health and mainstream health product industry give a collective . . . HUH?

Jeff Knott, who is the author of the seminal healthcare guide for everyday people “Navigating The HealthCare Maze,” threw his hat into the proverbial ring of opinion when he sent in the following written statement:

“I just read it over (it being my previous articles and related videos), and took time out now . . . I don’t get it either . . . how can they remove it from the shelves with no justification? . . . and then refer you to a doctor . . . ugh?????


Next thing you will take my Hershey Candy bars with almonds off the shelf and not tell me why – that’s vicious . . . or I have to ask my doctor?  Must be a conspiracy!”

Jeff Knott, Navigating the Healthcare Maze

Now you have to understand that Jeff’s background in the health field is both extensive and global.

Born in England and a graduate from Loughborough University with a BSC degree, after immigrating to the United States, Knott received a Masters Degree at Western Kentucky University and an Executive MBA at the University of South Florida. He participated in the Harvard Business School’s Multinational Marketing Senior Executive Program in Vevey, Switzerland.

Knott spent 20 years with Johnson and Johnson, in their Professional Products Division, identifying and developing international distributorships. For a time he was based in Brazil before becoming International Marketing Director, Professional Products Division. While at Johnson and Johnson, he conducted business in over 100 countries, growing familiar with the worldwide medical industry. In this capacity, Knott was instrumental in the development of vital sign systems and catheters worldwide. His experience observing doctors in the operating room, whilst developing Johnson and Johnson global business helped pique his interest in helping consumers navigate complex healthcare systems.

Suffice to say, Jeff’s history is to a certain degree like the NHPPA’s Buckley in that his affiliation and/or association with natural health products is by no means indigenous to his experiences or expertise.  However, unlike the NHPPA President, Jeff is currently very much entrenched within the realms of mainstream medicine in the United States, as he sits on the Coordinating Council for the Governor of Kentucky’s Electronic Health Information Exchange.

The Kentucky initiative is a program that has been described as being “innovative and groundbreaking” in terms of how technology could be used to “save lives and significantly reduce costs.”

Back to today’s story, what Knott’s comments perhaps prove is that if healthcare industry experts do not understand the logic behind Health Canada’s decision to force The Warm Buddy Company to recall all of the products that they have sold over the past 13 years, this is not just a partisan natural health product, but one of individual patient rights.

While this may not be a case of a mass conspiracy, but maybe just a simple matter of one or two individuals within the agency misusing their position or authority to settle a personal score, it nonetheless is an issue that needs to be rectified.  In this regard, Health Canada needs to be reminded that they work for the people and not the other way around.


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