With a Brush of Love: Children With Autism and Special Needs

For those of you who follow television (which is almost everybody), and in particular the recent Emmy Awards this past Sunday, you know doubt heard the same name “over and over again” as one pundit covering the event put it. The name to which I am referring is Temple Grandin, an HBO biopic movie which … Continue reading

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Where Have you Gone Aaron Feuerstein? The Means Being Justified By The End?

Who was Aaron Feuerstein?  How about Maldin Mills? Quickly now, who was Kenneth Lay?  How about Enron? If you have to pause to think for a moment before saying to yourself “who is Aaron Feuerstein?,” but could recall Kenneth Lay or his company Enron without hesitation, then you may have already answered the question regarding … Continue reading

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In A Mother’s Words: Nadia Kajouji’s Mother to Talk About Her Daughter and the Serial Killer Responsible For Her Death

One of William Melchert-Dinkel’s victims was 18 year old Nadia Kajouji whose body washed up near the edge of the Rideau River behind St. Paul’s University more than 40 days after she was reported missing. While the legal system debates the merits of bringing Melchert-Dinkel (to whom I have referred to as the Serial Suicide … Continue reading

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PI News Flash: Cyberwar and the Emergence of the Borderless Predator

Show Synopsis: In this the second in a series of interviews I will be doing regarding the Serial Suicide Killer William Melchert-Dinkel, I will be talking with the MP who was instrumental in both the introduction and passing of Bill M-388 which would close an apparent legal loop hole and make it very difficult for … Continue reading

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Cyber War and the Emergence of the Borderless Criminal: Why the Melchert-Dinkel Serial Killer Case Should Be a Slam Dunk . . . For the Prosecution

“The basis for the assimilation or perhaps reconciliation of virtual and physical realities in terms of law enforcement starts with the basic premise of criminal law, which as Susan Brenner who is the NCR Distinguished Professor of Law and Technology at the School of Law stated in a May 6th, 2009 article, is about “preventing … Continue reading

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Is The Internet A Safe Haven For Serial Killers?


“While the Internet is deemed as a haven for free speech, it is important to protect individuals like Nadia from committing suicide at the encouragement of a predator.” The above quote is from the opening paragraph for both my August 24th PI Window on Business blog post and August 25th radio segment titled “How Many … Continue reading

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How Many More Nadia’s: The Serial Suicide Killer Finds A Loop Hole

“Bill M-388, tabled in the House of Commons on May 26th by Albrecht, proposes that the government should ensure that counseling, aiding or abetting a person to commit suicide is a Criminal Code offence “regardless of the means used to counsel or aid or abet including via telecommunications, the Internet or a computer system.” “While … Continue reading

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Circumventing Consequences: Why Dr. Laura’s Apology Rings Hollow!

As a follow-up to my post from this past Friday “Are First Amendment Rights Becoming The Ultimate Excuse For Bad Behavior?” I have been trying to put my finger on the reason (or reasons) why Dr. Laura’s apology was troubling to me. After all, didn’t she immediately acknowledge her mistake in using the “N” word, and … Continue reading

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Chapter Excerpt from new book Tasers, Abortions and Parenting: Behind the Curtain of Policing America

“What a fascinating read. It’s going to rile folks up as well as having many people yell “Amen!”  It will also, probably for the first time, give people an understanding about the direction our society is heading and give them some idea how we got to where we are now.  Plus, your chapter on parenting … Continue reading

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Shame Money: How one bank’s infomercial raises capital through a campaign of guilt!

It may be no shock that 94% of Canadians would feel better if they had a nest egg.  But did you know that nearly 40% of Canadians are living paycheque to paycheque? As Scotiabank’s Saving Ambassador, award-winning television broadcaster Valerie Pringle is traveling across Canada to talk to Canadians about ‘saving’. With catchy tag-lines such … Continue reading

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