August is SOAPBOX Month on the PI Window on Business

August is SOAPBOX month on the PI Window on Business.

I am of course talking about Kimberlie Dykeman, and her acclaimed book PURE SOAPBOX as well as her SOAPBOX series of videos, in which she uses well-known quotes and aphorisms to engage and inspire readers and viewers alike.

Called an “espresso shot for the heart,” we will be sharing with you these nuggets of immeasurable wisdom and insight at the beginning of every broadcast throughout the month.  Starting with “Feel Like A Kid,” each week we will play a new SOAPBOX vignette that I am sure you will enjoy.

Who is Kimberlie Dykeman . . .

Kimberlie Dykeman is a woman on a Mission . . .

Kimberlie Dykeman

Kimberlie Dykeman is one of those people you don’t soon forget. If her smile and laugh don’t get you first, her energy will. She is a woman on a mission. And her passion is overflowing, if not contagious. She has dedicated her life to being a motivator, entertainer and educator; and whether on-camera, on-air, on the field, or on paper, Kimberlie exudes a charismatic, vivacious presence that has fueled a loyal following and thousands of success stories. She has been lovingly described as “an espresso shot for the heart,” and labeled “a triple threat, delivering Wayne Dyer’s targeted yet malleable wisdom, Ellen DeGeneres’ contagious zeal and engaging delivery, and Oprah’s universal appeal and anticipated promise of betterment.”

Her industry expertise, business savvy and professional etiquette command attention and respect as a renowned TV Host, Motivational Lifestyle Coach, Fitness Specialist and News Correspondent. Yet it’s her unique blend of natural curiosity, engaging charm and entertaining wit as a multimedia personality that allows her to interactively connect with and captivate any audience.

In her young life, Kimberlie has indeed worn many hats. Author, coach, consultant, speaker, athlete, community leader, TV Host, producer, model, spokesperson. In the end, though, they all look the same on her. She is a motivator and entertainer for our times. A woman on a mission.

What is PURE SOAPBOX . . .

PURE SOAPBOX is more than a book . . . it is a way of thinking. A way of shifting your own paradigm to try more, do more, be more, love more!

In Pure Soapbox, Kimberlie Dykeman uses well-known quotes and aphorisms to engage and inspire her readers. In a thoughtful, and often humorous way, Kimberlie comments and opens up common wisdom to reveal new insights and wondrous avenues for new explorations of how to be exactly who you want to be.

The Monday Soapbox on the PI Window on Business . . .

Throughout the month of August I will be sharing Kimberlie’s unique and insightful perspective at the beginning of each broadcast on the PI Window on Business Show. Starting on Monday, August 2nd and each Monday until the 23rd of the month, we will also air the related video segments on The PI Inquisitive Eye at 12:30 PM EST.

PI Window on Business (on Blog Talk Radio)

At the beginning of all broadcasts throughout the month of August

PI Inquisitive Eye TV (*on USTREAM & YouTube)

Monday, August 2nd at 12:30 PM EST – SOAPBOX® motivation of the week: feel like a kid

Monday, August 9th at 12:30 PM EST – SOAPBOX® motivation of the week: fabulously flawed you

Monday, August 16th at 12:30 PM EST – SOAPBOX® motivation of the week: carpe diem, folks!

Monday, August 23rd at 12:30 PM EST – SOAPBOX® motivation of the week: present-tense positivity

Can’t wait for more PURE SOAPBOX? Then get the book . . .


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