She Says It’s Complicated: Women and Complex Relationships With Men

“I’ve been seeing a man for 4 months now. When we met, it was on a business trip and we instantly hit it off right away.

Yes … he was wearing a wedding ring and at first I thought we might “just be friends,” but he quickly opened up and shared with me that he was very unhappy and had already made up his mind that he was going to leave his wife when he returned home from this trip.

Wow, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect, had this chance meeting actually been planned for!

Anyway, like I said, it’s been 4, almost 5 months now and he still hasn’t left her, or for all I know, even approached the subject with her.”

In the above excerpt from his latest book “She Says, It’s Complicated,” relationship specialist Shelby Hill shares with the reader what he calls “simple solutions for women in complex relationships with men.”  And the above scenario could not be any less complicated to be certain.

In fact, in my recent interview with another fabulous author Rhonda Ricardo, we viewed the issue of relationships through the eyes of the men who have left their women and then ached to return,” and the reasons why many men ultimately just couldn’t say goodbye and why some knew they must.

While research statistics indicate that it is actually the woman who files for divorce more than 75% of the time, it is clear that complexity in relationships is a gate that swings both ways.  By providing the female perspective through his new book, Shelby perhaps treads where angels may fear to tread, but does so in such an adept and sensitive manner that both women and men can gain much from his unique insights.

Joining me on this evening’s program which airs live across the Blog Talk Radio Network at 8:00 PM EST  is none other than author and relationship expert Shebly Hill.

Shelby Hill, author and "The Relationship Specialist"

About Shelby:

Shelby M. Hill is more than a relationship expert. He coaches women on relationship empowerment and personal development. As a certified professional life coach, Shelby works with each of his individual and couple clients to re-build self esteem, develop self awareness, and gain  understanding in their core values to guide them toward a more fulfilled life.

As a happily married man, Shelby makes it is his goal to lead by example. When you partner with Shelby, he will guide you down the right path to empowerment and relationship happiness by asking the right questions and helping you find the right answers.

Tampa, Florida is home base, but Shelby’s clients are located all over the world – from the West Coast of the U.S. all the way over to the U.K. Most consultations are conducted over the phone, but he also provides empowerment through his radio show, books, events, and personal consultations.

His training started with an undergraduate degree from the University of South Florida, an MBA at the University of Phoenix, and life coach certification from iPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence Coaching), but his true experience comes from his passion and his drive help others find happiness. He is an active member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and a representative though Compass, a personal development company.

Shelby’s Book:

Simple Solutions for Women in Complex Relationships with Men

Remember to use the following link to tune in to both the live and on-demand broadcast “She Says It’s Complicated: Women and Complex Relationships With Men” at 8:00 PM EST, July 26th on the PI Window on Business on Blog Talk Radio.


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