I otta be in pictures . . . or at least have my own TV show on the Oprah Network

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So went the Special Announcement banner headline on the Oprah Winfrey “Your Own Show” contest website, in which “one of the top five online finalists will be chosen . . . to host their own show” on The Oprah Winfrey Network.

The winner or winners will be announced in January, 2011.

In case you are wondering why yours truly didn’t participate in “Oprah’s search for the next TV Star,” I guess I am a radio man.

In fact when I was once asked if I preferred radio or television, I immediately said radio because on the invisible, virtual airwaves I am six-one, with a full head of flowing hair.  On television, I am more than likely the “before” picture.

My insecurities aside, the response to the Oprah casting call was shall we say predictably large . . . and when I say large, I am talking the population of New York City large.

This of course meant that either directly or indirectly the entire country was somehow touched by this sprint to stardom.

But what are the individual stories in the Naked City?  (Note: by the way,  for those familiar with the police drama that was first a movie and then a television series that ran from 1958 to 1963 on ABC, this is my subliminal attempt to “seamlessly” let you know that my new book “Tasers, Abortion and Parenting: Behind the Curtain of Policing America” which is being co-written with “The Cop Doc” himself Dr. Richard Weinblatt will be out in September 2010.)

Continuing on with our main focus here today there is, needless to say, unlimited opportunities to interview contestants.

However this week, which I guess we could unofficially call the Oprah Own Show Week on the PI Window on Business, I will be interviewing five individuals who threw their hat into the proverbial ring in an effort to grasp the “brass ring” of television stardom.

While I have personally had the pleasure of previously interviewing two of these five erstwhile hosts (Denai Vaughn and Mary Kay Hoal), the remaining three, one with whom I am familiar (Angie Strader) because she is a fellow host on the Blog Talk Radio Network, and Aurea McGarry and Alara Castell, I will be talking with for the first time.

The focus of course will be on their personal journeys to where they are today, and why they were compelled to enter the Oprah contest including their to date experiences as contestants.

Starting Wednesday at 12:30 PM EST with Denai Vaughn, I look forward to your joining me to meet these effervescently dynamic personalities.

Oprah Week Schedule:

Wednesday, July 6th

12:30 PM EST – Denai Vaughn

Click to see Denai

Denai greatly enjoys sharing her knowledge & expertise through teaching & coaching.  If you put your mind to it, YOU CAN DO IT…so make it a mindful day!

8:00 PM EST – Aurea McGarry

Click to see Aurea

Aurea is a EMMY WINNING TV Show Host/Creator/Exec. Producer. Popular radio show guest., Author, CHARITY ADVOCATE!! Domestic Violence & Cancer Sur~Thriver! & Speaker.

Thursday, July 7th

12:30 PM EST – Mary Kay Hoal

Click to see Mary Kay

Mary is committed to protecting children online and engaging adults and parents to help make this change happen.  Together, we make the online world a more positive, and safer place for our children. How could we consider not?

Friday, July 8th

12:30 PM EST – Angie Strader

Click to see Angie

Angie’s mission in life is to help others find happiness within so that they can share it with others. You cannot give away what you don’t already have!

8:00 PM EST – Alara Castell

Click to see Alara

Alara is a Holistic Health Coach & Natural Food Chef, supporting overachieving, type A, women entrepreneurs who are always on the go & end up burning out.  What she does is help them fuel their bodies naturally in fun & simple ways & still have chocolate.


One Response to “I otta be in pictures . . . or at least have my own TV show on the Oprah Network”
  1. Jill Hickey says:

    If you can use me, I’d love to be interviewed, too. I am Jill Hickey The NotSoSoccerMom.

    I think I may have been a bit unique in this competition in that my Audition pictured my 4 kids and I basically laughing and being crazy on camera … as I was dressed in my gym clothes. Most had a platform~ mine was that of a fun mom with insightful commentary about everything from pop culture to politics and back.

    Check out my website and radio show.
    Radio showpage is http://www.Toginet.com/shows/notsosoccermom

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