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It’s interesting, but when Jim asked me to help to share his insights through the launch of his new book “Think Like A Black Belt” the last thing that came to mind was our growing friendship.

I have had the opportunity to interview Jim on the PI Window on Business Show (refer to show links below), in turn be a guest on his Black Belt Mindset PowerPOD show and, even produce a segment of the PI Window with him as a guest host.  Suffice to say, you do get an opportunity to know someone through this process.

This is why I can say with great certainty that even if our relationship had been limited to the virtual airwaves alone, I would still have been motivated to share the news with you about his latest work.

Think Like A Black Belt is a “state of mind,” and Jim’s personal journey provides testimony to what can be accomplished by changing the way you think.

This book truly challenges you to think outside of the familiar framework with which you are likely most comfortable, to see the true possibilities of what you can do . . . what you were meant to do.

What is refreshing about Jim’s book is that it isn’t the follow me, self-proclaimed guru text that puts the author front and center.  Think Like A Black Belt puts the responsibility for success squarely where it belongs . . . on you!  But what Jim does, is provide you with the tools to exercise your inner power to achieve and to be all that you can be.

For this reason I heartily endorse Think Like A Black Belt . . . and once you read it, I am sure that you will as well.

Remember to use the following links to listen to the on-demand broadcasts “Perfection Is Not A Destination!” and, “Think Like A Black Belt: Building Power in your Personal and Professional Life” interviews with Jim Bouchard.

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