Women on Success Profile: Karen Evans

As announced in my June 14th post here on the Procurement Insights Blog as well as the PI Window on Business Blog, on June 23rd at 10:00 AM EST and again at 12:00 PM EST I will interviewing five incredible women in a segment titled “Women on Success.”

What these women have accomplished both individually and collectively has very little to do with gender and more to do with the unique talents and indefatigable determination they possessed to be the best in their chosen fields. In this way, there is a universality to the ethics and overarching principles behind their achievements that transcend sex and for that matter even backgrounds.

So why do a segment or segments centered exclusively on a woman’s view of success? There are of course a number of reasons but the most compelling based on numerous studies, is how women view the world and more importantly success, and how it seems to coincide with the rapidly emerging world of social networking and social media. In this regard, there is a paradigm shift which will indelibly and forever change the way we live and work.

As we approach the June 23rd air date, I am going to feature each member of our discussion panels starting today with Karen Evans. I encourage you to take the time to get to know each of these remarkable individuals because it will put into context the reason why I am very much looking forward to this upcoming segment.

Karen Evans

About Karen:

As the former CIO for the U.S. Federal Government under the Bush Administration, Karen Evans oversaw the development of over $70B spent by the federal government in Information Technology and associated services, advised the Director of the Office of Management and Budget on the performance of these investments, as well as the federal enterprise architecture promoting inter and intra-agency cooperation for key Presidential initiatives and cross government solutions.

Her accomplishments included Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 regarding authentication; IPv6, Information Sharing Initiatives, Cyber Security, privacy to address the interests of the citizens and government to improve government services through the use of technology and leveraging the federal government buying power and requirements with the establishment of the SmartBUY program.

Under her direction, transparency and accountability were demonstrated with the publication of the Management Watch List and High Risk List, the E-Gov Benefits Report to Congress, FISMA reporting and increased focus on cyber security with the creation of the Federal Desktop Core Configuration.

Evans is currently a partner at KE&T Partners LLC

Karen’s most recent appearance on the PI Window on Business was as a member of a roundtable discussion on transparency in government procurement, that was broadcast live from The 3rd Annual Business of Government Summit in Washington, D.C. at the end of April 2010.

The following provides the segment details:

Tuesday, April 27th (Session 4, 3:00 to 4:00 PM EST)

Session 4 (Roundtable) Segment Title: What is Transparency in Government? (Click to Access)

In my keynote address “Contracting To Win: Buyer and Seller Responsibilities in 21st Century Government Procurement” this morning I made the statement that “transparency is not holding fast to the illusion of a level playing field, but to a clear understanding of the layout of the field itself.”

To expand on this concept of transparency further, I will refer to a comment that was made by Washington-based expert author Judy Bradt who, as I will mention in her introductory bio has helped more than 6,000 clients win in excess of $300 million US in government contracts, during Part 3 of our 7-Part “Seven Steps to Success: Jump Start Government Contracts” Series on Blog Talk Radio. Specifically, Judy’s point that “the process for winning government contracts is truly based on the ability of a supplier to legitimately and transparently win preference with government buyers.”

Joining me in this probing 60-minute segment on what transparency really means in the realms of public sector or government procurement is a guest panel of experts whose experience, expertise and insights will shed some much needed light on a subject that has often eluded a practical, real-world definition.

Moderator: Jon Hansen (The PI Social Media Network)

Panelists: Tim Cummins (CEO, IACCM), Judy Bradt (Summit Insights), Colin Cram (Marc1 Ltd, Towards Tesco author) and Karen Evans (former CIO, United States Government)


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