Police Shootings Like Plane Crashes Say Authors of “Tasers, Abortion and Parenting: Behind the Curtain of Policing America”

Editor’s Note: Having just interviewed Dr. Richard Weinblatt earlier this week on the PI Window on Business segment “America’s Criminal Justice System: Independently Operated, Collectively Focused,” I have to say that I am both excited and honored to be teaming up with Richard to write what will be my third book.

The following is an excerpt from the official press release announcing the collaboration and the scheduled release date in September 2010.

Police shootings and other critical law enforcement incidents are like plane crashes that have a series of systemic long-term failures ending in headlines screaming about the brief tragic culminating incident.  So say the authors of a new book coming out.  Focusing on the series of everyday life events and individual choices over the long term that work or perhaps even conspire together to converge into a brief confrontation between individuals and law enforcement . . . sometimes with deadly consequences, Tasers, Abortion and Parenting: Behind the Curtain of Policing America will take the reader on the ultimate ride along into the dark recesses of criminal behavior and the much misunderstood world of policing.

This June 15th, 2010 video of a Seattle police officer punching a woman who was jaywalking captured national headlines, and is just one example of the confrontations to which the authors refer.

From incendiary stories such as the accidental shooting of a young girl by a police officer during a raid in Detroit or the arrest of a respected black Harvard Professor for “acting like a rich white man,” to the purported use of unnecessary force in the Taser death of a foreigner in a Vancouver airport, Weinblatt and Hansen will pull back the curtain of law enforcement for a rare glimpse behind the headlines to show what “policing in a democratic society” involves and why it should matter to you.

In this May 19th, 2010 interview on MSNBC, Dr. Weinblatt talks about the tragic accidental shooting death of a 7 year old Detroit girl during a police raid at her home.

Famed police expert and former police chief Dr. Richard Weinblatt, “The Cop Doc,” who has provided commentary on controversial and high profile policing issues on CNN, MSNBC, and CBS News as well as in print media such as The Washington Post has joined forces with Social Media expert author and host of the acclaimed PI Window on Business Show Jon Hansen, to co-author a book that will shine a unique lens on Policing in America.

The book will be released in September 2010.

To schedule an interview with Dr. Richard Weinblatt and/or Jon Hansen, contact: richard@thecopdoc.com or, jwhansen@sympatico.ca.

Also be sure to tune into Dr. Weinblatt’s new show “The Cop Doc Radio Show,” and Jon Hansen’s “PI Window on Business” on the blog Talk Radio Network.

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