America’s Criminal Justice System: Independently Operated, Collectively Focused?

Law enforcement, courts and corrections are the three major components of the criminal justice system in America.

While there exists what has been referred to as an “inherent interrelatedness” between the the three groups that comprise our justice system, each one operates “independently from one another.”  (Although it is worth noting that the courts or judiciary has the power to make “legal determinations” regarding the conduct of the law enforcement and corrections arms).

Academically speaking this is the American justice system.  But from a practical everyday perspective, how effective is this independently operated, collectively focused trifecta?

Joining me on Wednesday, June 16th at 4:00 PM EST to talk about the Criminal Justice System in America is “The Cop Doc” himself Dr. Richard Weinblatt.

During the program Dr. Weinblatt, whose unique experiences and expertise have enabled him to traverse the various elements of American justice, will provide us with a rare opportunity to view the system through what is truly a broad and integrated lens of understanding.

We will touch on subjects such as the impact of evolving policing strategies including the seminal Kansas City Preventive Patrol experiment in 1972 and 1973 which concluded that the reactive approach to policing which was the standard modus operandi since the advent of the two-way radio and telephone in the 10920’s, was largely ineffective.

Or how the more recent evolutionary approaches of community policing or problem-oriented policing have impacted crime rates nationwide.

We will also touch on the impact that the media has had on the criminal justice system, including whether it sometimes serves or, sometimes hinders law and order in this great land of ours.

"The Cop Doc" Richard Weinblatt

About Dr. Weinblatt:

Dr. Richard Weinblatt, former police chief, is a police expert who has served as a criminal justice professor and police academy director/instructor.

He has worked in several regions of the country in reserve and full-time sworn positions ranging from auxiliary police lieutenant in New Jersey to patrol division deputy sherriff in New Mexico to Police Chief in North Carolina.

Dr. Weinblatt has written extensively on law enforcement topics since 1989.  He has provided media commentary on police matters for local and national media including AP, CBS, CNN, HLN, MSNBC, and The Washington Post.

He is also a fellow Blog Talk Radio Host, having just launched his new show “The Cop Doc Radio Show” which airs LIVE from Orlando, Florida, Tuesday & Thursday nights from 10:00 pm-11:00 pm (EST).

The Cop Doc Radio Show

Dr. Weinblatt’s website is

Media Bites:

Detroit Police SRT Shooting News Interview 5/19/10 Weinblatt

Remember to use the following link to access both the Live and On-Demand Broadcast “American Criminal Justice System: Independently Operated, Collectively Focused?” on June 16th at 4:00 PM EST on the PI Window on Business on Blog Talk Radio.


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