Reaction to Ottawa Bank Bombing: “Is this another symptom of Canadian Inferiority Complex?”

One of the great joys I get as a writer is when an article or post stirs someone up enough for them to write in expressing their take of the story or topic that I am covering.

In the most recent response to my last post titled “U.S. 9/11 terrorist attack warrants $18 million for G20 security, London subway attack $30 million and Canadian vandalism of local bank branch $1 billion . . . must be the exchange rate?,” Ciro DiSclafani from the greater New York area wrote:

“Is this another symptom of Canadian Inferiority Complex? Your Government feels “out of the loop” in being recognized as a terrorist target, so it has to draw attention to itself, by identifying juicy targets? Then it has to allocate serious security measures funding, under the guise of benevolent protection of “Foreign Dignitaries”? (Are Dick Chaney & Rudy Giuliani on some Government-sanctioned Security/Paranoia Advisory Board?)

I wish you guys could just learn to be great on your own, and not use the US, and UK, as role models – warts and all! Is my perspective a little distorted?

PS. If the bank bombing occurred in Saskatchewan, would there have been the same reaction?”

An inferiority complex . . . learn to be great on our own!?!

Well, as a self-respecting Canadian born and bred I immediately took pen to paper (or in this case keyboard to screen) and wrote the following response to one Mr. DiSclafani from the greater New York area:

“An interesting response in that the sentiments that you express are to a degree a uniquely Canadian tongue-in-cheek commentary that implies by having a bank blown up we as a country have somehow achieved the status of the eagle and the lion. Perhaps now would be the appropriate time to remember the following comment by famed Canadian author June Callwood:

“The beaver, which has come to represent Canada as the eagle does the United States and the lion Britain, is a flat-tailed, slow-witted, toothy rodent known to bite off its own testicles or to stand under its own falling trees.”

Who needs an Eagle or a Lion!

Based on the above, I do believe that a bank bombing in Saskatchewan would have stirred up a similar reaction to the Ottawa blast in some circles, I just think that it would have been much harder for Minister John Baird to have kept a straight face if he had to point to a Moosomin Saskatchewan as the reason for spending $1 billion.

The winds of good fortune were indeed blowing in our favor that day my good, American friend!  Now point me to the nearest Beaver Tail Confectionery Shack!”


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