Shades of Love: The Pain Passes But The Beauty Remains

“Yet, for all the playfulness found on Shades of Love – notably in upbeat renditions of standards such as “You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To and Jobim’s One Note Samba – she admits the real Kim Kaskiw is to be found beneath the achingly beautiful, poignant shades of melancholy that drive her lone and original contribution, Here And Now.”

The above review by Sun Showbiz columnist Allan Wigney revealed a side of Kim Kaskiw’s music that was reminiscent of the acquiesced sadness of a Dorothy Dandridge.

Without a doubt, and as is often the case with the most talented people, Kaskiw’s life story is reflected in the pensive adagio of her musical storytelling that at once is both light yet heartfelt.

Almost paradoxically, her tone simultaneously pulls you outward towards the opposite ends of the emotional extremities of happiness and sadness, as she herself retreats within her own experiences and memories like the delicate petals of a beautiful flower at dusk.

In a far beyond the stars, near beyond the moon accessibility, one is certain that any time spent with Kaskiw is an ephemeral experience that will leave a lasting and indelible imprint on the listener’s heart.

Join me tomorrow evening, June 2nd at 8:00 PM EST as I welcome Kim Kaskiw to talk, sing and yes share her shades of love with you.

About Kim:

Kim Kaskiw is an accomplished musician and jazz vocalist who has just produced her debut solo CD ‘Shades of Love’.  One listen and you’ll agree that her voice elevates the world of jazz and simply needs to be heard, to be believed.

The CD features the likes of Juno Award winner Guido Basso on flugelhorn and trumpet, as well as John MacMurchy on Saxophone and Clarinet and J.P. Allain on piano.

Kim has achieved her extensive vocal range, beautiful tone and her ‘hornlike phrasing’ from her background as a professional tuba player.  That’s right, tuba.  It’s thanks to that big horn that we’re privileged to enjoy such a big voice.

On all thirteen tracks of this phenomenal debut CD Kim’s intonation and phrasing are superlative, yet musical.  She delivers the story like the great vocalists of the 1940’s, but she does it with her own unique sound.  There are not many singers who can scat along with the great Guido Basso on one song and the very next, deliver a ballad with such incredible sensitivity, even the hardest of hearts are sure to soften.

Kim’s CD:

Sample Kim's Sound

Remember to use the following link to access both the Live and On-Demand broadcast “Shades of Love: The Pain passes But The Beauty Remains” on Thursday at 8:00 PM EST on the PI Window on Business Show on Blog Talk Radio.


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