Shades of Love: The Pain Passes But The Beauty Remains

“Yet, for all the playfulness found on Shades of Love – notably in upbeat renditions of standards such as “You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To and Jobim’s One Note Samba – she admits the real Kim Kaskiw is to be found beneath the achingly beautiful, poignant shades of melancholy that drive her lone … Continue reading

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Friendly Divorce and Finding Your Way Back to Joy?

Former Vice President Al Gore and wife Tipper to separate after 40 years of marriage, family friend tells CNN. CNN Breaking News June 1st, 2010 I have to admit that if I were a betting man I would have without hesitancy, placed my money on the Clinton’s versus the Gore’s marriage as the the one … Continue reading

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Whether Terrorists or Hooligans the End Result is Still The Same Mess

Last week’s Panel Discussion regarding the May 18th bombing of the Royal Bank branch at the corner of First and Bank in the Glebe brought to light many interesting insights including the consensus that this was not a terrorist act but an act of vandalism perpetrated by disaffected youths – probably from the neighborhood. That … Continue reading

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