Die Hard Part 5? Is FFFC Ottawa Bombing Advocating Proganda of the Deed or Just Plain Old Proganda of Greed?

Right of the bat I want to emphasize the point that this post is purely conjecture and likely due to the fact that I just finished watching various segments of the Bruce Willis Die Hard series into the wee hours last evening.

With this disclaimer out of the way, I have to admit that the first thought that hit me relative to the recent FFFC bombing of the Royal Bank branch at the corner of First and Bank in Ottawa, which when I resided in the city was only a few short blocks away from my house, was why that particular location?

Granted, The Glebe as it is affectionately called by its denizens, is one of the toniest neighborhoods in the city, however there has to be more symbolically significant targets of RBC prestige and corporate avarice than the rather diminutive First and Bank branch.

Even if we were to consider the fact that there are a number of embassies within walking distance of the March 18th blast, or that the area is on a per captia income basis one of the more “comfortable” ones in the country, something just doesn’t seem to add up.  Especially when you consider that the neighborhood’s leanings would be more sympathetic to anarchist values (not practices), in terms of less government and more power to the people.

So what are we looking at here?

While the anarchist concept of “propaganda of the deed” which promotes physical violence against political enemies as a way of ” inspiring the masses and catalyzing revolution” means that acts such as the one on the 18th are not out of the realms of possibility, I still cannot reconcile the perpetrators’ choice of target.

Think about it for a moment, out of the more than 2,000 potential RBC outlets through which they could have chosen to make their statement, perhaps even closer to where the G8 or G20 summits are actually taking place at the end of June, they chose a relatively obscure branch.

It is hardly the type of visible or recognizable target that would draw the widest response beyond the terrorist act itself.

Another thought that I just can’t seem to reconcile is that the target seems to be more personal than symbolic.  Given the recent economic climate, perhaps we are looking at a college student who can’t get his degree because RBC called a loan on his father’s business, or the family has been one of the unfortunate one’s to lose their home due to foreclosure.  The possibilities are endless.

So why this branch?

If I were the authorities, while I would not ignore the obvious, I would also be inclined to check into other possible motives that quite frankly may not be directly related to the anarchist movement.  A bit of misdirection if you will that could be tied to perhaps an attempt to cover up another transgression or crime.  After all, and yes I realize that it is just the movies but, didn’t Hans Gruber go to great lengths to cover up the fact that his real goal amounted to nothing more than a successful high end robbery.

Once again, and understanding the very principles behind the propaganda of the deed concept in which “symbolic acts of violence against structural targets” are also used to “evoke a broader meaning,” those involved with this bombing are either major underachievers or are up to something completely different.

For those of you who may not have had the opportunity to see the video of the bombing and corresponding message from the terrorists, here it is compliments of YouTube:


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