Die Hard Part 5? Is FFFC Ottawa Bombing Advocating Proganda of the Deed or Just Plain Old Proganda of Greed?

Right of the bat I want to emphasize the point that this post is purely conjecture and likely due to the fact that I just finished watching various segments of the Bruce Willis Die Hard series into the wee hours last evening. With this disclaimer out of the way, I have to admit that the … Continue reading

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Thought Leaders Series with Brad Feld: Huffington’s 3rd World warning to the U.S. not new but timely

In what is still one of the most popular segments in the history of the PI Window on Business Show, with more than 4,200 downloads in the 48 hours immediately following the live broadcast, Brad Feld’s perspectives on the need for Founders Visa’s for foreign students who, after graduating from prestigious American colleges, are eager … Continue reading

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