Illegal Sales & The Overprescribing of Antipsychotic Drugs: Is A New “Drug War” Brewing?

AstraZeneca $520 Million Settlement Underlines the Greed Over Good Mentality Within the Pharmaceutical Industry (PI Window on Business Blog – May 2, 2010)

Antipsychotic Drug Misuse Lands Johnson & Johnson on the Wrong End of Federal Suit (PI Window on Business Blog – Mar 25, 2010)

Antipsychotic Prescriptions . . . for Children: Is the Medicaid Story Today’s Version of Go Ask Alice? (PI Window on Business Blog – Dec 13, 2009)

While the questions are too numerous and diverse to ask (although I will try), my research for this Panel Discussion regarding the controversy surrounding anti-psychotic drugs with Jeff Knott and Eric Wilson, leads to a serious question; At what stage does taking a productive personal inventory cross over into self-obsession or self-absorption with the intent of explaining away bad behavior through a “condition” versus taking personal ownership for one’s actions?

Another question . . . have unrealistic expectations (re we have to be happy all of the time) created “conditions” that have led to the over prescribing of anti-psychotic or anti-depression drugs? And does the pharmaceutical industry recognize this trend?

While assigning blame or responsibility is a favorite pastime whenever a controversial issue crosses our collective radar, it would seem likely that this growing “problem” is in reality the convergence of the perfect storm of abdicating personal responsibility, corporate greed and a health care system that is quite simply broken.

In this 60-minute segment I welcome a panel of expert authors to discuss and debate the questions surrounding the marketing, prescribing and utilization of some of the most powerful drugs available.

Please note that our toll free number 1 (877) 503-5036 will be available to you throughout the entire program to call in and ask questions, share experiences or express an opinion.

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