Perfection Is Not A Destination!

Jim Bouchard tours nationally to teach his Black Belt Mindset philosophy at conferences and for corporate audiences.

His second book, Think Like a Black Belt is scheduled for release in May, 2010.

He regularly appears on radio and TV around the world sharing his message of excellence, discipline, focus and opportunity.

Having been on our show before, an energetic, fast-paced and memorable 45-Minute segment that felt more like 5 minutes, I came to understand the foundations of Jim’s “Dynamic Components of Personal Power,” that made him “America’s Black Belt Powervator.”

In my preparation for his return to the PI Window on Business, I have come to see the true power of his message as a call to personal responsibility and action.

Expressing a take-your-bull-by-the-horns type message that is reminiscent of Your Children Are Your Own Fault, and People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It author Larry Winget, who wholeheartedly recommends Jim’s newest book as a must read, Jim talks about passion, focus and perseverance.

While the words themselves, and the principles behind them are not new, the lens through which Jim views them call upon the enduring principles of the long ago Xiansheng Masters before modern language and the business vernacular of today turned them into the far to commonly used buzz words they have now become.

In short, Jim’s message and book take you back in time to truly understand the very origins of the courage and passions taught by the Lǎoshī, which when earnestly applied in the here and now lay the foundations for true transformation.

Are you committed enough to answer the call to be all that you can be?  Do you have the discipline to focus and persevere?  If you do, then Jim will equip you with what you need to get to where you want to be . . . where you were meant to be.

Remember to use the following link to access both the live and on-demand broadcast “Perfection Is Not A Destination!” on Tuesday, May 11th at 12:30 PM EST on the Blog Talk Radio Network.

What happens when you Think Like a

Black Belt?

bullet Excellence
bullet Discipline
bullet Confidence
bullet Focus
bullet Courage
bullet Perseverance
bullet Leadership

These are the characteristics of Black Belt Mindset. Whether you’re a Mom, a janitor or a CEO, Think Like a Black Belt for personal & professional excellence!

Today, a culture of excellence, personal responsibility and ethical leadership is not optional, it’s an essential part of success. Train everyone in your organization to Think Like a Black Belt!


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