Sweet and Saxy: An Evening of Soulful Listening With Songstress Pamela Luss

“You’re in great company: Billie, Ella, and Helen Humes. They all had soul and so do you. Thank you for changing my universe when you sing.” – Jerry Stiller “..There’s a hint of huskiness, a variable cloudiness, a passing shadow that escalates her sound from merely pretty to intoxicating…Luss’ aim is bulls-eye accurate.” — JazzTimes, … Continue reading

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Interview With Good Samaritans Results in More Questions Than Answers

Perhaps in the executive offices of Sprint there has been little if any attention paid to the plight of two Denver retail store employees who were terminated for apprehending a shoplifter while on break in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Certainly the company’s senior management are savvy enough to know that all stories which flash … Continue reading

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