Thought Leaders Segment: Bill Michels Live from ISM’s 95th Annual International Conference

Joining us on May 26th at 9:30 AM EST on the PI Window on Business Show from ISM’s 95th Annual International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit in sunny San Diego is Bill Michels.

Bill Michels CEO ADR International

During this Special 30-Minute segment, Bill will discuss how the recovery is putting strain on supply managers because organizations have lost skills through recessional layoffs and early retirements.

He will also talk about the soon to be released ADR white paper, which reports the results of 3,000 assessments of procurement professionals globally since 2004, through ADR’s web-based self-assessment product, Development Needs Analysis (DNA). Specifically, the paper provides a longer view look at where skills are high and what areas need improvement within several industries and the public sector.

ISM 2010 Conference

Finally, Bill will share some of the “early buzz” from this year’s conference, and what we might expect to discover over the day’s ahead.

Remember to use the following link to access both the Live and On-Demand broadcasts for the “Thought Leaders Segment: Bill Michels Live from ISM’s 95th Annual International Conference” on April 26th at 9:30 AM EST.


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