Reinventing Lisa: From Beauty Queen to SWAT Team…a true story

While the main focus on the PI Window on Business Show is to cover the world of business, I have found that the business world extends well beyond the balance sheet.

In fact, and in reality, the balance sheet ultimately reflects the very aspects of our everyday life which includes the personal as well as the professional characteristics that make up the whole of who we are.

For this reason, I have often “stretched” the boundaries of the traditional business show to include topics such as personal relationships, financial planning and yes even the occasional evening musical interlude. In short, the word compartmentalized is not part of the PI Window on Business’ vocabulary.

This is why Lisa Lockwood’s story of reinvention, in which she overcame the supposedly insurmountable obstacles of childhood poverty to become a beauty queen and then ultimately the first (and only) female member of her S.W.A.T team, as well as a highly decorated narcotics and undercover detective caught my attention.

As someone who himself has experienced a kind on reinvention, living through the tumultuous journey from millionaire to pauper, and from abundant means to abundant need to a restoration based on hope and the confidence that the Good Lord has a plan for my life, I can say with full certainty that Lisa’s amazing story is a life story that all people need to hear.

For this reason I am delighted to welcome Lisa Lockwood to a Special May 13th, 2010 Evening Edition of the PI Window on Business at 8:00 PM EST, to talk about her life and her book “Undercover Angel: From Beauty Queen to SWAT Team…a true story.”

Undercover Angel, Lisa Lockwood

About Lisa:

Lisa Lockwood is an author, speaker & coach. She is an authority on reinvention. Lisa teaches people, quickly and easily, how to make successful life transformations to fulfill their personal dreams.

Millions of people have seen Lisa on ABC, NBC, FOX News, CNN and CNBC. Lisa’s expertise has been featured on Donny Deutsch and Nancy Grace. She has been profiled in,, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune Red-Eye & Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine and many more.

Lisa’s Book:

Lisa Lockwood endured childhood poverty and an abusive marriage to become a soldier in Desert Storm, a police officer, undercover narcotics detective and the first female SWAT team member. A former beauty pageant contestant, Lisa had to suppress her obvious femininity in order to conquer the “Boys Club” of law enforcement, but her beguiling beauty would become her best asset as an undercover narcotics detective. It was in the gritty world of drug rings, Mafia members and child molesters that she rediscovered the power of her femininity and learned to use her disarming sexuality as a professional asset in ensnaring criminals. Lisa’s journey was fraught with inner conflict as she struggled to balance her dangerous profession with a desire to be a complete woman, worthy of genuine love. Undercover Angel is Lisa’s illuminating story of perseverance and unstoppable drive, that took her deep into the heart of a violent world and left her in a place of happiness, self-confidence and inner peace.

Media Bites:

Self Confidence with Lisa Lockwood (February 12th, 2009)

Use the following link to access both the live and on-demand broadcast of “Reinventing Lisa: From Beauty Queen to SWAT Team . . . a true story” on May 13th, 2010 at 8:00 PM EST.


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