You Do Not have to pay thousands of dollars to get your own radio show!

The other day in a LinkedIn Group the following question was posted; “Did you know you can host your own Radio Show on KFNX? If you want to know how, just ask.”

With the advent of Internet Radio opportunities to host your own show are being presented with increasing frequency.  The problem . . . you should not, nor do you have to pay to play!

Unfortunately, and perhaps in an attempt to appeal to our individual desire to establish a presence on the virtual airwaves offers such as the one presented by KFNX does not reflect the true spirit of this emerging medium.  In short, it was one of those rare instances where I found myself actually annoyed to the point of writing the following response:

I received information from Francis Battaglia ( at your station and discovered that you actually charge fees ranging from $1,900 to $8,700 US.

Look, you can have your own show on Blog Talk Radio for free, and based on your experience you can upgrade to a premium program for $39 per month.

Here is the link to my show’s blog:

I launched my program in March 2009 and have since become a featured show where I have interviewed bestselling authors, leading political figures and business thought leaders – for example I interviewed The very first Undercover Boss from the hit CBS TV series Larry O’Donnell.

Currently, through segment sponsorships etc. we have already earned 50% of our projected revenues for 2010.

In short, you do not need to pay to be on the radio and have your own show.

Finally, and for the cost of my book ($15 US) titled “Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds” I will even produce your first segment including guest introduction, show outline preparation, pre and post show promotion as well as manning both the live chat room and switchboard during the broadcast.

Here is the link to the book (incl. an excerpt):
Enter the code SHOWERS when you check out to save 10%.

NOTE: This offer is limited to only those individuals that respond to this particular question, so Suzanne, Bill or Debi send me an e-mail confirming that you purchased the book and I will be happy to help you.

While I limited the above offer to the three people that had responded to the KFNX question, the larger point is that we should be sharing and empowering each other to fully understand and utilize the wonderful social media/social networking tools that are being made available to everyone.  (Note: by the way, those who buy my book can contact me at any time to ask questions or obtain information on hosting an Internet Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio.  Just forward a proof of purchase to me at with a return e-mail address and I will follow-up with you to schedule a time to talk for up to 30 minutes free of charge.)

My First Book

While there are many options in terms of Internet Radio platforms, I continue to advocate Blog Talk Radio for a variety of reasons including the ease of accessibility to what is truly a user friendly format combined with the no cost/low cost of entry model.

Even though it is always a good idea to check out all options (which you should do), at the end of the day I am certain that Blog Talk Radio will prove to be the best choice.

2 Responses to “You Do Not have to pay thousands of dollars to get your own radio show!”
  1. I am with you on this one. Like you and David Mathison I advocate people take their media in hand.

    Platforms like BTR offer good solutions to getting your voice heard and for very little money.

    Unfortunately some platforms are not so people friendly. Be aware.

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