Against a backdrop of yet another public sector scandal, winning “True Peference” status as a government supplier is an achievable goal

With stories of public sector procurement scandals almost common place as covered in Charles Dominick’s Purchasing Certification Blog, there are oftentimes more questions than answers regarding the government competitive bid process.

In Part 4 of the 7-Part Seven Steps to Success: Jump Start Government Contract series, Washington-based author expert Judy Bradt will be joining us to talk about the true nature of competition within the realms of public sector procurement, and what you can do to “Win True Preference” status as a supplier.

Author and Expert Judy Bradt

As the CEO of Summit Insights, Judy has helped more than 6,000 clients to win in excess of $300 million US in government contracts.

The live broadcast, which airs between 3:00 and 4:00 PM EST on Monday, March 29th, can be accessed directly through the following link: Seven Steps to Success: Jump Start Government Contracts (Part 4).

Business Thought Leaders Series:

Jeff Knott, author of the critically acclaimed, immensely important book Navigating The Healthcare Maze, will be joining the PI Window on Business Thought Leaders Series as a regular guest.

Jeff Knott, Navigating the Healthcare Maze

Each month Jeff will touch on the most pressing topics surrounding how you can take ownership and control of navigating your family… through the healthcare maze!

Check out the PI Window on Business Blog for show details over the next few days.

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