Relationships are like tennis; you can only hit the ball on your side of the net!

When I had first encountered Dr Jackie Black two things stood out for me.

The first was of course the most obvious, being her book “Meeting Your Match:Cracking the code to successful relationships.” Specifically the claim that Meeting Your Match “is the only book you need if you are ready to know yourself; ready to identify exactly what you are looking for in a partner; and ready to learn and practice the essential relationship success skills you must have to build a happy and long-lasting love relationship!”

I have of course been fortunate to interview a number of interesting and insightful people who have written and spoken about the sweet complexity of relationships between men and women. So being the only book you will need, even with the prescribed caveat “if you are ready” might be a stretch I thought.

Then, I viewed Dr Jackie’s profile on Facebook zeroing in on what she had listed as her Favorite Movies.

You see the majority of people will usually list several titles representing a wide diversity of interest. The single-mindedness of Dr Jackie’s was therefore telling in that the one and only movie she listed was The American President.

The film, in which a widowed President played by Michael Douglas who besides running the country is also raising a young teen-aged daughter, meets a passionately committed lobbyist by the name of Sydney Ellen Wade (Annette Bening) under circumstances that can best be described as being at crossed purposes is interesting.

Surrounded by an all-star cast of characters played by Michael J Fox, Martin Sheen and an irascible Richard Dreyfus whose character’s primary utterance is ” I am Bob Rumsen and I want to be President,” the story steadily and reliably ebbs and flows between the contradictory demands of public office and the pull of personal desires culminating in an unpredictably, predictable outcome.

If this is Dr Jackie’s favorite movie then I can hardly wait to hear what she has to say about relationships.

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Dr. Jackie Black

About Dr. Jackie:

Jackie Black, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized relationship expert, educator and coach whose breadth and depth of experience attracts clients from all over the world.

Dr.  Jackie inspires and encourages people to risk again; to move through the challenges and pitfalls of dating, loving and building long-lasting, committed relationships in today’s fast-paced world.

Her mission is to support and mentor you, whether you are single and never-married, divorcing or divorced, widowed or in a committed relationship that is challenging and just doesn’t met your needs yet!

In addition to her private relationship coaching services for individuals, couples and families, Dr. Jackie offers on-going Coaching Groups and short-term Coaching Programs focusing on specific areas of relationship life.

She is a popular newspaper, magazine and Internet syndicated columnist, radio personality and a veteran lecturer and educator. Dr. Jackie is an experienced TeleClass leader and offers teleLearning opportunities from time to time. Her high-content and fast-paced weekly Internet streaming radio shows and downloadable PodCasts focus on current, and sometimes controversial, relationship-driven issues.

Dr. Jackie is a frequent guest expert on terrestrial radio throughout the U.S. and Canada and on Internet radio; and is frequently cited in Cosmo US and UK; Women’s Health Magazine; Men’s Health Magazine; Maxim; Pregnancy; Self Magazine, and on

In addition to her Individual and Couples Relationship Coaching business, Dr. Jackie is on the faculty of Coach Training Alliance (, one of the top 10 coach training organizations in the world.

Dr. Jackie’s first book, Meeting Your Match:  Cracking the Code to Successful Relationships is due to be on bookstore shelves, and in the fall of 2007.

At the same time Dr. Jackie is launching the Ideal Match Coaching Club for singles who are committed to dramatically increase their ability to find that special person; and singles and couples who are committed to build long term, strong and stable loving relationships.

Dr. Jackie is the former president of and the former Director of Practice Development for the Relationship Coaching Institute, where she provided training and support to entrepreneurs and sole practitioners in building their private practices.

Ask Dr. Jackie

Dr. Jackie’s Book:

This whole book is a letter from me to you. It’s what I’ve learned from clients, friends and my own life. You’ll find lots of stories and case studies. Some of them will be familiar; others will be vastly different. They will all add something to your knowledge of what makes a relationship work well. Living your best life and love life is all about taking responsibility, acting on your own behalf and being the architect of your life; and has little or nothing to do with your past, luck or destiny. Dating is a process with a beginning, a middle and an end. This book was written to help all of you who feel that “dating” is difficult, or who have had enough uncomfortable experiences to be hesitant. It was also written to help those who are searching for your life partner and keep meeting people who just don’t “make the grade.”
Have you ever received reliable information or education on committed relationships? This book is for anyone who wants to improve relationships whether you are single, divorced, widowed; heterosexual, gay or lesbian; young or old. There are a wide variety of partnerships; each is a legitimate, healthy expression of human intimacy. It’s about having the relationship you deserve and ultimately you will be guided by your own needs, background experience and current skill levels in each area you’ll explore. When dating isn’t fun, you may question whether a relationship is right for you. The skills and approaches you’ll discover on this journey toward a lasting relationship will help you to have fun dating and to continue to have a rich and rewarding relationship with someone who is right for you. Find out how to enjoy the journey in search of your ideal match!


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