PI Window on Business Blog Continues Upward Trend Through Cross-Pollination Strategy

In my February 25th, 2010 post titled “Pew Survey indicates that blogging has lost its lustre, but do you agree?” I reported that according to Alexa, the PI Window on Business blog’s  overall rank was 1,014,248 with a U.S. ranking of 627,904.  The the data also reflected an educated, 45 – 55 year old readership demographic.

While the demographics have remained the same relative to college educated, 45 – 55 year old’s representing the majority of the blog’s readership, this month’s rankings are interesting in that they show a continuing upward trend.

With a 3-month growth rate of 300% and a 1-month rate of 9%, the PI Window on Business blog’s overall Alexa ranking is now 855,686 (up 158,562 positions since the February 25th post).  In terms of the new U.S. ranking, we are now at 328,775 which is a 299,129 position improvement over the 627,904 from 2 weeks ago.

Once again, and given the general market’s familiarity with Alexa, I am simply using the above data as a contextual point of reference.

That said the fact that the PI Social Media Network has multiple venues in a variety of mediums besides blogs including Internet Radio and soon Internet TV, as well as  syndicated distribution beyond the organization itself, it is the cross-pollination effect of this combined platform that is the true measurement of reach.

Until Alexa is able to capture and calculate this collective reality, their data will remain a somewhat myopic reflection of a greater reality.

However, even within the relatively narrow Alexa  scope, the fact that the PI Window on Business blog continues to gain ground at a healthy pace does tend to indicate the effectiveness of the cross-pollination strategy between various venues and mediums.  In other words, I sincerely doubt that as a standalone site the PI Window on Business blog would be growing at the same rate.

The question you need to ask yourself is simply this, am I leveraging social media and social networking to their fullest and collective capacity?

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