Live Event Feed: Monetizing Social Media (ConFoo Conference, Montreal)

In a recent PI Window on Business broadcast I talked about the differences between traditional media and the emerging world of social media in terms of having a sustainable revenue model. Specifically, can the popularity of social media be practically monetized to the same level that traditional media such as television, print and radio had enjoyed in their past glory days (emphasis on past).

Given headlines such as “Twitter CEO: The revenue’s coming soon, but I won’t tell you how,” one cannot help but wonder if the new media moguls even know how to weave high transactional activity into gold.

If social media platforms have indeed evolved to where they are today without a tangible or proven revenue model, what does this mean in terms of ongoing sustainability?

This presentation by the PI Window on Business’ Jon Hansen from the ConFoo Conference in Montreal, Canada before a live audience will provide critical insights into how businesses must adapt to the new reality of the social media world, including how to convert conversational or relational marketing activities into sales. Web Techno Conference

Tune in to the PI Window on Business Show on March 10th at 3:30 PM EST for a pre-presentation commentary, with the actual session beginning at 3:45 PM. Remember to stay tuned following the session for closing comments as well as a Q&A via the Live Chat Room.

NOTE: To obtain an advanced copy of the PowerPoint presentation to follow during the conference, visit the the Show’s Blog and “Subscribe to the PI Window on Business” through the provided link in the index column of the home page at

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