Thought Leaders Segment: Introducing Brad Feld

As a past guest on the PI Window on Business Show High Tech Venture Capitalist and premier blogger Brad Feld (Feld Thoughts) discussed the need for Founders Visas in the top rated segment “Diminishing Prospects: How U.S. Policy is Undermining Entrepreneurial Vision.”

Brad also joined us in December 2009 to examine the barriers to foreign VC investment in another popular segment titled “Foreign and Domestic Capital Investment: A Matter of Opportunity Versus Choice.” As part of our Business Thought Leaders Series, I am pleased to announce that Brad will be providing his perspective on the world of Venture Capital investment including the latest news and emerging enterprises that are expected to make a mark in the world of business.

In this first of what will be quarterly appearances on the PI Window on Business, Brad will tell us how Rally Software is building a great company by being responsive to the need for a more adaptable work environment. To learn more about Brad, please visit the Business Thought Leaders Section of the PI Window on Business Blog which will be launched on February 26th, 2010.

The Live broadcast airs Tuesday, February 23rd at 4:00 PM EST.

Brad Feld

About Brad:

Brad has been an early stage investor and entrepreneur for over twenty years. Prior to co-founding Foundry Group, he co-founded Mobius Venture Capital and, prior to that, founded Intensity Ventures, a company that helped launch and operate software companies and later became a venture affiliate of the predecessor to Mobius Venture Capital.

Brad currently serves on the board of directors of Gist, Gnip, Oblong, Standing Cloud, and Zynga for Foundry Group. Previously, Brad served as chief technology officer of AmeriData Technologies. AmeriData acquired Feld Technologies, a firm he founded in 1987 that specialized in custom software applications. Brad had grown Feld Technologies into one of Boston’s leading software consulting firms prior to the acquisition. He also directed the diversification into software consulting at AmeriData, a $1.5 billion publicly-traded company which was acquired by GE Capital in 1995.

In addition to his investing efforts, Brad has been active with several non-profit organizations and currently is chairman of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and co-chairman of the Colorado Governor’s Innovation Council.  Brad is a nationally recognized speaker on the topics of venture capital investing and entrepreneurship and writes widely read and well respected blogs at and

Notable companies that Brad has invested in and/or sat on the boards of include Abuzz (acq. NYT), (acq. PALM), Critical Path (CPTH), Cyanea (acq. IBM), Dante Group (acq. WEBM), DataPower (acq. IBM), FeedBurner (acq. by GOOG), Feld Group (acq. by EDS), Harmonix (acq. VIA), NetGenesis (IPO), ServiceMagic (acq. IACI), and ServiceMetrics (acq. EXDS).

Brad holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Management Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Brad is also an avid art collector and long-distance runner. He has completed fourteen marathons as part of his mission to run a marathon in each of the fifty states.

Media Clip:

Brad Feld on TechStars angel approach (January 2009)

Remember to use the On-Demand Player below to access the “Live” February 23rd broadcast at 4:00 PM EST.

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